Hate campaign against honest people who speak the truth by the objectionable Western Spiritual colonization and slavery product “Assyrians” in Germany- a horrible spiritual terrorist product of Jesus of the West.


Since few weeks there is in Germany, in particular in Augsburg, a brutal and inhumane hate campaign going on against Mr. Gabriel Rabo, the webmaster of Suryoyo Online, by the de-humanized creatures and product of the powerful Jesus of the West. This people seems to be so evil, so inhuman and so bad in their nature, that they seize every opportunity to ridicule others.

Before continuing, first we wish to give a few examples of how this evil people with no standards and values attack and slander other people.


1. Professor Kelly Ross


A few years ago, the honorable professor Kelly Ross had written an easy in order to refute the claims of some of his students believing that they were the real descendents of the ancient Assyrians of antiquity. After the article was noticed by some of the history forgers; they started a horrible, objectionable, tasteless and awful  hate campaign against Professor Ross excusing him of all bad things you can imagine.


2. Mr. Diayako Xarib


May 13, 2006 an article was published on KurdishMedia.com from the hand of Diayako Xarib regarding the divide and rule politics of the Western missionaries. They started a campaign against him trying to cover their lies, myths and legends and falsehoods by fake and baseless accusations. Of course to these de-humanized creatures; everybody who do not follow the outrages product “Assyrians” of Jesus of the West; they consider him as their enemy. What horrible souls!


3. Mgr. J.Y. Cicek


After the passing away of Mgr. J.Y. Cicek the criminal slavery and spiritual colonization product of Jesus of the West started to feed the press with slander information in order to ridicule the person of Mgr. J.Y. Cicek. Indeed some journalists snapped their evil food!


These people are so evil and socked with all kind of lies; falsehoods and inhumanity that they do not hesitate even to give the deaths a kick in their back in the grave- so de-humanized are they!


4. Mr. Gabriel Rabo


Gabriel Rabo is a person, like many righteous, honesty and pure persons, who do not accept their lies, their falsehoods, their spiritual terrorist attempts to forger the Aramean history and culture; to falsify, to cheat etc.. etc..

Therefore they started an inhumane, tasteless and below every level slander campaign – in agreement with their nature- against the person of Mr. Rabo. Some of them try to damage his person by contacting his colleagues. Unbelievable; what a de-humanized creatures, who probably never have heard of standards and values. Others have tried to attack Mr. Rabo in order to stop him telling the truth! Some of them have threatened him to stop with fighting against their spiritual terrorist and slavery product  “Assyrian”.


On their forums, full of lies and falsehoods, they slander and damage the person of Mr. Rabo as being Urenkel Göbbels, Hitler, Sadam etc.. etc.. They also accuse him as being secret agent for Turkey, Syria etc.. etc..


Well, well, well… very interesting and at same astonishing! Those who commit spiritual terrorism, falsify history, brainwash young people for terrorist activities, create hatred within families; incite daughter against mother, incite son against father, commit all kind of evilness, accuse Mr. Rabo of being Gobbels and Hitler? We are speechless! Since when do they have heard of “standards” and “values”?

Well, perhaps, all this accusations to the person of Mr. Rabo and others is the reflection of the evilness in their hearts and their minds. This kind of evilness is very normal to them, for to them it is like drinking coffee and thee! This is their daily food. Without lying, accusing others, attacking others, creating hatred and chaos; they cannot lead a normal life. Why not? Well, simply: Because all of them are occupied by the criminal and objectionable powerful Jesus of the West. He had planted his product “Assyrian” in their minds and therefore they became so fanatics and full of hatred. They are completely in his power. That is the reason they refuse the truth and drink the lie; they attack justice and glorify injustice; they glorify chaos and reject order; they attack the righteous and sympathize with the awful; they love oblique paths and hate honesty.


A few questions to these bandits:


1. Weren’t you, the criminal Western Spiritual and slavery product “Assyrians” who already in 1924 tried to forge documents in order to deceive foreign diplomats? This is your way of life; isn't it? Always lying, cheating, distorting and forging of the facts. This is your trademark. You cannot lead a life without it!


2. Who made in 1993 a covenant with the PKK in Syria to recruit young people in Europe for terrorist activities in northern Iraq? Didn’t the source of this evilness took life in Augsburg when the Assyrian Democratic Organization sent a delegation under leadership of Numan Ogur to Mr. Ocalan in Syria in order to tighten the relation between PKK and Assyrians? And wasn’t the result of this terrorist covenant the establishment of PKK-alike organization which later to be called “Bethanrin Freedom Party (BFP) or in Aramaic Gabod d’Hirutho d’Bethnahrin (GHB)? Already in 2001 became known that they had recruited around 200 young people in Europe for guerrilla activities in northern Iraq. In Holland for example, they held hunger strike demonstrations in front of the police of Enschede elsewhere in order to involve as much as possible young people with the GHB. A Dutch Policeman from Amsterdam was recruited and killed in northern Iraq.

All these things are just normal to you? Nothing to say about it? No problems with your conscience? Killing boys and rapping girls, just normal to you? You people we all know you very well who you are!


3. One of these criminals, going from one country to other country to talk about genocide; while in reality glorifying the criminal product “Assyrians”; accused the Aramean nation as being “Taliban” or “Hisbollah”. Reason? Well, when he was making propaganda for the objectionable western spiritual slavery product “Assyrians”; the Aramean youth came in action and stopped him telling this lies! That is the reason they started a slander campaign on their forums to vomit as much as possible lies and baseless accusations.


And now these criminals accuses Mr. Rabo of being Goebels and Hitler, attack Mr. Kelly Ross accusing him of “White Supremacy” and attack Mr. Diayako Xarib because of his scientific summary concerning the outrages behaviour of Jesus of the West and his colonisation and spiritual slavery product “Assyrians”?


Well, what can we say? Perhaps Mr. Rabo, Mr. Xarib, Mr. Ross and others should thank the Lord God that they are attacked by these evil people; because in one or another way Mr. Rabo, Mr. Xarib and Mr. Ross must be very good people in the eyes of the Lord God. They must be in one or another way be blessed by the Lord God to tell the truth. Otherwise; they would never have been attacked by this evil people!




The barometer of the holiness and evilness is this one:


If you are being attacked by the outrages and the objectionable criminal Western Spiritual colonisation and slavery product ,,Assyrians”; than you should be very happy and show a great respect to the Lord God; even if you do not believe in him. You than must be a very good person with a good conscience!


However, if you are being glorified and respected by the outrages Western spiritual colonisation and slavery product “Assyrians” ; than you really have to ask yourselves whether you are doing well!